I ran my first official 5K this weekend! It was the Luminate 5K, so it happened at night. It happened, though. The proof was in my next-day soreness. I did manage to capture the shots above, as the sun was setting.

The race started at Piedmont Park, and it took us all around Midtown Atlanta. You never realize how many hills your city has until you're trying to run up them. That, coupled with the fact that I caught a little cramp in my right side, is my excuse for not running the whole thing through. I have no clue what my time was, and I don't even care what "place" I finished in. I doubt the rest of my teammates cared either, because dangggittt - we finished!

I had forgotten how good it feels to do something you never thought you'd do. Running a 5K, or any kind of race for that matter, is definitely one of those things. Now I can cross it off my list.