1. I have so many photos in my phone and camera to sort through, edit and post it's got my head spinning. I completely understand how people blog as their full-time job, because it can get extremely time consuming. This past weekend I went to Nashville for my family reunion, and then did some more sightseeing around Tennessee, so hundreds of photos must be processed and uploaded before I stop caring and they never see the light of the internet. Also, I spelled Tennessee incorrectly in that previous sentence, so I'm more tired than I realize.

2. The beach will always have my heart, but riding through the mountains is so stunning that is sometimes makes me question my coastal loyalties.

3. Pumpkin Spice is back at Starbucks, and I start to feel some type of way when people say they don't like it: case & point.

4. I found "traces" of a mouse in my apartment and have been freaking all the way out ever since. I'm a neat freak - some might even say I'm compulsive about cleanliness, so no rodent should ever be attracted to my living space, ever. But some-freaking-how one little, furry sucker has worked his (I say his because it better not be a she, because shes can have babies and that's a whole 'nother bout of anxiety with which I refuse to deal) way into my bubble of tidiness, and I don't even want to live there anymore. Seriously, he can have the dang apartment; I surrender. Since it's not really going down like that, I googled some ways to ride your home of rodents (I squirm as I type this out - it's that deep for me). Apparently, peppermint oil is a natural repellent since their little noses can't take the strong minty smell, and believe me, my place smells like one, big candy cane right now. I haven't seen any more traces, but I can here scratching inside the wall in the dining area at night, and in those moments I need a man around and couldn't care less about that strong, independent woman message I usually preach. Everybody needs somebody, and I concede to the fact that I need somebody who will find and get rid of any unwelcome creatures in my home, even if it's at 3:30am on a Tuesday.

5. I've started watching Orphan Black. I am hooked. I am unashamed.