Labor Day was the day that everyone who traveled to Nashville for the family reunion started to head back to their respective cities. On the way back to Atlanta (before we went to the aquarium) a cruise down the Tennessee River was on the itinerary. The cruise rides past some of the best sights around Chattanooga, including the Tennessee Aquarium, various million-dollar homes, pedestrian bridges and lookout mountain. The captain provided commentary along the way, and he was funny, which made it even more entertaining. They even let you go right up into the captain's quarters and see how the operations work. And take pictures. I'd be annoyed if I was trying to do my job and tourist came into my office to take my picture, but he didn't even mind. If he did, he sure had a good way of hiding it.

As far as pictures go, I took way too many. The views were so stunning! Who knew Chattanooga had all natural beauty hanging around? I have seen the light.

Lunch was also included. It was a build-your-own, deli-style, all-you-can-eat set-up. We piled fresh lunch meats on fresh, warm bread and paired it with salads, baked beans, chips, pasta and all the fixin's. There was also an open bar, but lemonade was more than enough to wash it all down. Oh, and Oatmeal Cream Pies for dessert.

This was a super duper nice and relaxing ride, and it was the perfect afternoon activity to end a long weekend. The fact that it was a holiday made it even better, but I'd definitely recommend it for some regular Saturday/Sunday fun. This trip was comped through my day job, so many thanks to the fine folks at Southern Belle. All info for the cruise can be found here.