Warm weather means the pools are open, families are cooking out, and, for me, it's time to start drinking more water. If you live in Atlanta, this also means the festivals are coming to town.

Atlanta loves festivals.

  • Sweet Auburn Fest
  • Dogwood Festival
  • Film Festival 365
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Sweetwater Fest
  • Virginia Highland SummerFest
And the list goes on... and on...
and on...

Most all these are free, and easy to get to.

If you're a fan of Jazz music, chances are you'd love the Atlanta Jazz Fest. Grab some chairs, pitch a tent, lay out a blanket, bring the kids, and spend the day in the park, listening to some good ol', hand-picked performers.

We spent most of our time near the main stage, but there's also an international stage, hosting some great artists.

Yolanda Rabun

I'll admit, I liked Yolanda's cover of "Say My Name" more than I expected to!

No festival would be complete without it's share of street vendors. My personal favorites are the local art dealers. You can usually get an amazing deal on one-of-a-kind find.

Next time you're in Atlanta over the spring/summer/fall time of year, catch a festival!