As the title of this post suggests, I'm in Asheville! It's definitely a change of pace, but it's not nearly as "culturally diverse" as I'm used to... If you catch my drift.

Mom's birthday is a couple days away, and this was our nearest uncharted getaway destination, so I gassed up Blu Belle, and whipped er' on round the mountains.

No pictures of our suite... a girl's gotta have some privacy, right? ;)

Lunch was at Mellow Mushroom; it's always worth the wait!

Gourmet White Pizza - 10"

We caught the last day of the Annual Herb Festival, and I fell in love with these handmade soaps from Buda Botanicals.

 The founder, Mernie, makes everything by hand, and they smell like heaven.

Soon we strayed from the crowd, and ducked in and out of a few local shops.

Here's a look inside  Mast General Store. True to form, they sell everything from cooking butters to body butters.

Lastly, we stumbled on some ol' street music.

Harmonica man posed for the paparazzi.

It's only our first day here, but we've already had a few bumps in the road. Now, we're in no mood to explore the nightlife scene - tomorrow maybe. I'll be soaking in the hot tub after this is posted.