2020 has been a constant reminder that things can always get worse.

I had a handful of fiction reads ready to share here, but as much as I love to escape into a few chapters everyday, now's not the time for escape. Now is the time to be present.


Fellow Asians, we also need to be honest about the model minority myth. A direct result (and cog) of white supremacy, this mindset allows white people and oppressors to weaponise us. ‘Chinese people are intelligent,’ ‘they’re hard-working,’ ‘they’re quiet and comply with regulations’ These stereotypes sound simple and complimentary, even, but they’re dangerous. They contribute to the systemic racism against black people and other ethnic minorities, by reinforcing racial hierarchies. - Michelle Chai of Daisybutter
Michelle always has such wonderful words to say on ever situation she confronts, and this was no exception.


I don't think I've ever shared a twitter thread in these posts, but this one from Tracy was as well researched than any article in a major publication, and it was too good not to share.


I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.

by Margaret Biser for Vox
I'd often meet visitors who had earnest but deep misunderstandings about the nature of American slavery. These folks were usually, but not always, a little older, and almost invariably white. I was often asked if the slaves there got paid, or (less often) whether they had signed up to work there. You could tell from the questions — and, not less importantly, from the body language — that the people asking were genuinely ignorant of this part of the country's history.
This one was a bit infuriating to read,  but so so so good.


  1. yes that last read was triggering but good like you said. 2020 has really showed it's behind and who knows what June will hold for us.

    1. yes, mindblown the whole time reading that one. let's pray for some light in june.


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