Not even a pandemic will keep me away from my favorite tacos.

Our five year anniversary was last week, and I really thought I was doing something special by surprising J with a fancy new grill for the backyard. He'd been talking about one for literally years, and I knew he wouldn't be expecting it. I did curbside pickup from Home Depot and gave it to him the day before since he was scheduled to work on the actual day. He loved it and spent all day putting it together, playing around with the knobs, etc. 

The next day, while he was at the station and I was a home trying to work, watch the little one, and keep my head on straight, UPS delivered a new computer to our front door. That was his anniversary gift to me, since my old one wasn't built for all the Adobe programs I've been using for freelance work lately. It's safe to say his anniversary gift blew mine out the water. 

I took some pictures of my old iMac so I could list it for sale online and hopefully help pay off this new one. It sold within 15 minutes of being posted, so I probably priced it too low, but oh well. It's too late now.

These two are becoming best friends and I love it. I'm still working on teaching Gabriel how to be more gentle, so he's hit the poor dog in the face a few times while playing, and she always takes it like a champ. But then she decides she's had enough and leaves the room.

A bird flew into our front door, and I panicked trying to figure out how to help it. By the time I was able to intervene, it was too late. I put on some gloves, wrapped it in an old towel, then put it in a shoebox... naively hoping it just needed some R&R. It seriously threw off my whole mood that day. I felt so bad. That's what I get for cleaning the glass door so thoroughly.

A sign for "fashion masks" is officially filed in my brain under things-I-never-thought-I'd-see.

My sleeping beauty. I'm so thankful for my first responder, and even more so in times like these when he's dealing with a crisis in such a hands-on way. He's more tired than usual these days, which makes it all the more difficult to get work done during normal working hours since I'm chasing a toddler around while he gets some rest after his shifts, but we're making it work, and this too shall pass.

I must be stopped. I need an intervention. HELP. I've had my eye on the Le Labo Santal 26 candle since we started sheltering in place, and I keep buying other brands to fill the void, and it's not working!!