I'm part of a slack channel that's all about finances, and for the month of March, the group is sharing weekly money diaries. The idea is to track every bit of discretionary spending outside of our monthly bills. It's been eye-opening to see all the times I swipe my card for random things and to see the total creep up by the end of the week.

It'll also be interesting to see how spending changes during a global pandemic. Do I buy enough groceries to fill my fridge? Do I order take-out to support local restaurants so they can pay their bills? Do I participate in these really good random sales since brick-and-mortar stores are seeing less foot traffic? I don't know, but I'm figuring it out as I go along.

Anywho, I shared it on the slack channel but also feel like it'd be fun to document it on TAS. So, here's everything I spent last week, before the world health organization declared a global pandemic.


  • family outing to chipotle as a late lunch / early dinner. somehow they’re out of chips, queso and sofritas?? at 3pm on a sunday? $20.14 
  • costco for gas: $19.08
  • target to return the phone holder i bought last week. of course i buy other things: $20.44
  • publix for random items i couldn’t find in yesterday’s grocery haul: $31.98


  • wfh days usually mean no spending
  • i return jeans to american eagle (+$63.55)


  • family dollar for a baby bottle, baby bibs and baby biscuits: $7
this would've been another no spend day if i hadn't forgotten to grab a bottle before leaving the house this morning. for this i am peeved. 


  • went to kale me crazy for lunch. tuna wrap and a match smoothie came in at a cool $19.88.
  • there’s a natural foods grocery store next door so i stop in and pick up some snacks to keep in my desk at work: $21.19


  • dinner and wine tasting with friends: $53.78


  • i have a free sandwich card for chick-fil-a, so i pair it with a small fry and a drink. gourmet meal: $4.28
  • Sephora.com is offering free shipping, which is a genius marketing move in response to a pandemic. i give them props... and some of my money since i've been eyeing a couple serums from the ordinary for literally years. i love when my patience pays off: $18.23


  • time for a wax!: $40 incl. tip.



  1. Oh my goodness... you made me think of my spending. I will not document it lol but I have a spreadsheet tracker that I've updated every two weeks to include my bills. My shopping is as random as the shower caddie I do not need right now, yeah thanks to free shipping!

    1. yeah i have a spreadsheet as well! i only use if for the bills, though. the miscellaneous spending isn't tracked as meticulously, but it was at one point. it just got so... exhausting. still, monitoring your spending is important, so i'm working on finding a happy medium these days.

  2. Now this is a really good way to hold yourself accountable especially sharing with others. I might need to do this in a blog post myself.

    1. i've been doing it for the whole month of March, and honestly, i'm tired of all this tracking, lol. it does make me way more mindful, though. so i may have to find an app or something that helps do it for me.

  3. You're so right about working from home. I typically work remote on Fridays but, since we've been officially wfh for two weeks, I've definitely noticed that our spending has gone waaayyy down. Such an unexpected benefit... But a dinner and wine night out with friends? Gah, it feels like so long ago since that's happened, I miss it.

    Right now, I have a cart full of about 8 items of lounge/activewear via Old Navy since everything is 50% off - been sitting on it for a few days but I may give in and order delivery.

    1. i’m so glad i’m not the only one who lets items sit in the cart for a while😩.

    2. Same here! With the pandemic and having to stay inside, I am proud to say that I have only spent on essentials. The most that I've splurged on would be dirt, flowers for the vegetable garden, and materials to build another bed (because who knows if we'd eventually have to resort to growing our own food). I usually only have to make a big grocery run once a month, but with everyone being home, it's turned into a 1.5 weekly thing.

  4. I started using the Daily Budget app about one year ago, and ever since I track everything. It really makes me think of my spending, and sometimes actually stops me from buying things, because my daily budget is already negative. If you think this is something you want to keep doing, I would definitely recommend that app.
    I have also been saving quite a bit the last couple of weeks. Not being able to eat out or to book trips of any kind really does make a difference. I still hope it ends soon, and I can use all of my saved money for MORE eating out and travelling haha


    1. i was just replying to Valla's comment saying i need to find an app to make this tracking stuff easier - thank you!

      doing my googles now. 💰


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