Tried a new Puerto Rican restaurant and was mostly underwhelmed which is why i'm not linking it here. The empanadas were delish, though.

Another unpopular preference of mine (aside from the horror genre) is spicy everything. Most things labeled as "hot" or "spicy" aren't really hot enough for me, so when I saw this Ghost Pepper grinder at Trader Joes, I haaaad to have it.

It did. not. disappoint. 

This stuff is perfect.

... and this tea. I've been having it every night before bed. It tastes like the Hot Tamale/Red Hot candy in drink form, and it's sugar free but somehow manages to taste sweet.


When craft beer tries a little too hard to be down.

In August, I volunteered at Paws Atlanta. This month I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and learned how to de-shingle a roof. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

*bookworms swoon*

The North GA State Fair had all the fixings, including rides, fried everything, camel rides, exotic animals, a seal that posed for photos with families, pig racing, and a parakeet kingdom.

And that was September.


  1. That hot cinnamon tea sounds like it might be the bee's needs. I've been staring away from coffee may have 1 cup and limit myself just to that one but i've been on tea train a lot these days and looking for some new teas to try.

    1. IT IS DELICIOUS. It's become my favorite "dessert" before bed, lol.


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