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"I’ve been looking at some places to move on Zillow, and i’m shocked at how reasonable the rates are for buying a house these days. The price of a monthly mortgage payment would be cheaper than paying rent in some instances, and I’d get wayyyy more space. But I really don’t want to move forward buying a house alone, because what about stuff like plumbing and yardwork, etc… I’d need a man around permanently for stuff like that. 
I think they call them 'husbands.'"
I have a personal journal that I've recently started updating again. I used to write everyday, but then my father passed, and I lost one of my closest friends to a car accident, and I was feeling stalled in my career, so I unintentionally fell back. Lately I've been doing more regular writing again, so I went back and read a few posts from my single days and came across the little gem above. It made me laugh out loud, so I decided to do a little written Flashback Friday here.

I used to have multiple diaries in elementary school, and it's so much fun to go back and read all the K-12 drama, before life got all serious, before taxes and rent payments and stuff. Now I just keep a private tumblr account for the times I feel like spewing a bit of random word vomit. It's convenient because I can just pull out my phone anywhere and start documenting my thoughts, but every time there's news of a major internet hack, I wonder what would happen if Tumblr was targeted and all the private accounts were publicized. Then my minuscule first-world problems would be on display for anyone who wants to see. So maybe I should go back to an old-fashion, well-bound notebook. 

Does anyone else still keep a journal somewhere? 


  1. I still keep a journal and it goes everywhere me just tucked away in my purse. I find that when my mind is racing the most is when I'm at work overnight, then again it's overnight I have nothing else to do but to think and be in my thoughts lol

    1. The cool part will be 20 years later when you rediscover the journal entries you've written today. The hard part (for me) is keeping up with more regular updates!

  2. I have multiple journals, and can't seem to stop buying them. I feel like you can never have too many journals. I have a fitness journal, a personal journal, a web coding journal, and a blogging journal/planner. I'm in love with recording memories and thoughts, I don't want to forget anything.

    I'm a major detail stickler, I feel like memories and thoughts are too important to forget.

    Love this flashback Friday, "I think they call them husbands" lol.

    Kayla Graham
    A Great Perhaps


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