When I first heard about SkyView opening in Atlanta, I was very excited. I had the pleasure of riding the London Eye on a trip to England a few years back, and it was such a great experience; I was looking forward to something similar in my own city. Once it finally opened and word got out, it seemed like nobody was interested. When I asked friends/family if they wanted to go, they were either afraid of heights, "not into" ferris wheels or just disinterested all together. It killed my buzz. Each time the idea was shot down I started to care less and less about taking a ride, until I hardly thought about it at all.

This past weekend, I finally took the plunge (with a little help from Groupon and even more help from a bet I won). In my opinion, nighttime is the right time for something like this. A great way to rekindle the fire for your city is to see it all nice and lit up, and while you can't see the entire skyline from the top, the views of downtown Atlanta are still photo-worthy. I tried not to take very many pictures though and opted to just enjoy the moment instead. Also, it's difficult to hold a steady hand when it's below freezing outside, so getting a clear shot took more effort than I had the patience for at the time.

The wheel does a full four rotations, which helps makes sure you see and enjoy the sights from different vantage points. The gondolas are spacious, enclosed and climate-controlled, and they hold about six people (comfortably - there's probably room to squeeze a couple children in, too). 

Sights include but are not limited to:
  • The Westin
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • Philips Areana
  • The CNN Center
  • The Georgia Aquarium
  • The World of Coke
The line wasn't very long, and it moved quickly. They're open every day of the year, so I look forward to going back during the daytime, when it's warmer outside. All in all, however, I enjoyed my visit!


  1. I was just saying that I have yet to experience Sky View ATL and would really like to. It would be nice for a romantic evening, but I may just go alone, because who knows if I'll ever go if I wait for someone to take me there on a date night excursion. I looked at the prices online and it wasn't as expensive as I thought (maybe that's why it's never a good thing to assume). It's good that you were able to really enjoy the moment and not get too caught up in taking nice pictures; I'm sure that made the experience even more immaculate. At any rate, you've inspired me to do this! Soon! xo

    1. It did have a very romantic atmosphere, but it'd also be good for a girls night do keep that in mind! Feel free hit me up if you're trying to go in the daytime. I'd love to tag along.

  2. Wow! These views are awesome! I know I sound like a broken record but... One day I will make a trip to Atlanta and when I do, I'm pretty much to make my list of things to do based around the places you've blogger about haha. This Sky View is definitely something I would check out :)

    1. YES! I will take you and Charles when you finally make that trip :)

  3. We have something similar here, called the High Roller (they REFUSE to call it a ferris wheel. They say it's an 'observation wheel' and if you call it a ferris wheel they will promptly shut that shit down). It's the highest in the world right now, but apparently Dubai is building one that's taller. So now Vegas is building a SECOND damn ferris wheel (with a jumbo electronic screen in the middle) to beat Dubai's. Smh. I don't get where the hell they're getting all this damn money from.....

    Anyways I'm happy you finally got to go after wanting to go for so long! I'm not sure if I'll ever make it out to Sky View, but maybe one day lol :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

  4. I got tickets for Sky View in August for my birthday and didn't make the trip until date night with no plans in December.. I loved it. It's really cute in a chill way and seeing the city from another point of view was so dope. And the ferris wheel actually came from Pensacola, the city where I was born, so it was so cool to ride it for the second time in a entirely different place!

    Parys | www.parysakira.com

  5. I miss my city...Still haven't done this yet.


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