So that's that.

September 29, 2014

I'm probably the only person around town that got his/her hands on an iPhone 6 and then returned it three days later.

My Weekend in Black & White

September 22, 2014


  • Braves game against the Mets on Saturday. The Mets won.
  • Inspirational greeting cards found while furniture browsing.
  • Artwork found while furniture browsing that is not quite in my budget - yet.

A cruise down the Tennessee River

September 19, 2014

Labor Day was the day that everyone who traveled to Nashville for the family reunion started to head back to their respective cities. On the way back to Atlanta (before we went to the aquarium) a cruise down the Tennessee River was on the itinerary. The cruise rides past some of the best sights around Chattanooga, including the Tennessee Aquarium, various million-dollar homes, pedestrian bridges and lookout mountain. The captain provided commentary along the way, and he was funny, which made it even more entertaining. They even let you go right up into the captain's quarters and see how the operations work. And take pictures. I'd be annoyed if I was trying to do my job and tourist came into my office to take my picture, but he didn't even mind. If he did, he sure had a good way of hiding it.

As far as pictures go, I took way too many. The views were so stunning! Who knew Chattanooga had all natural beauty hanging around? I have seen the light.

Make a difference today

September 18, 2014

Some things that made me smile yesterday:
  • The young lady working the register at Starbucks around 10am.
  • A top-of-the-morning conversation with an old friend from High School while on my way to work.
  • Thinking about my last trip to the beach
  • A phone conference with my boss and some new co-workers.
  • This pin.
  • A text message from Phil telling me to "make a difference today."
  • The young lady working the register at Chick-fil-a saying "my pleasure" every single time I said thank you. 
  • Realizing I did the right thing by burning a bridge a few months back. (Metaphorically, not literally)
  • Running for 10 minutes straight at a faster pace than usual and only feeling slightly winded.
  • This gif which was captioned "when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on:"

Super Easy Homemade Iced Lattes

September 17, 2014

I've been making these for a while now. My Starbucks spending was on the rise, so I put myself on a $20/month limit and had to find a way to make up for the rest of the days. By the way, I know Starbucks isn't exactly top-shelf quality coffee. I know they regularly burn their beans, and I know they're overpriced. But Starbucks has endless flavor creation options, and they're easy to find in basically any city, and they do Pumpkin Spice like nobody else (IMO). So my Gold Card is justified by their convenience and variety, and by the fact that I can go to one anywhere in the world and my drink is basically going to taste like it does when I buy it down the street from my house.

As I mentioned, however, their prices are high. Since I'm a regular person on a regular-person budget, it doesn't make sense to spend $4 on a latte everyday just to get my caffeine fix with the flavor I like. I'm easy to please, though. It didn't take much effort to whip something up in my kitchen that would satisfy my coffee cravings. All it takes is four (4) simple ingredients.

Make it rain

September 15, 2014

The toughest decision I made this weekend was whether to buy a $4 bottle of wine from Trader Joes yesterday. Four dollars for a bottle of wine? It has 'headache' written all over it, right? I bought a $5 bottle instead. It was Riesling, and it didn't give me a headache, so maybe I'll give the $4 bottle a shot later this week. 

The fact that this was the toughest decision means my weekend didn't go as planned. I was supposed to be apartment hunting, but then Saturday morning came and I made the ever-so-wise decision to climb Kennesaw Mountain again (and run back down - yes, run... the whole way back down), so I didn't feel like doing a single thing afterwards. By the time Sunday morning rolled around I was so sore that it hurt to even climb to stairs to my front door. So I avoided all stairs as much as possible, which meant I was mainly on my couch.

In other news, I found some new books in the most unlikely of places: Dollar Tree. That's usually my go-to store when I need a crossword or sudoku book for a road trip, but I was browsing the aisles last week - deciding if I should make it rain or not - and noticed they had a pretty decent collection of novels for sale. I grabbed a couple to add to my reading list, and if they're crappy, at least I only paid a dollar for them. Note: Insurgent was not a Dollar Tree purchase, unfortunately. I've been on the wait list at my public library for this book since February. Last time I checked my account, I was number 112 in the queue. Luckily Meredith bought a copy so nevermind, Atlanta Fulton Public Library System.

Tennessee Aquarium

September 8, 2014

On the way back to Atlanta last weekend, we made a little pit-stop in Chattanooga. There were a few items on other itinerary (to be written about when I finally get around to editing the photos), and the Tennessee Aquarium was one of those items. I had been once before, but I went for work and didn't get a chance to explore both buildings. There are two buildings: River Journey and Ocean Journey. The event my company planned took place in the evening time, in the River Journey building. I was impressed with just half of what was available to all the guests, and I knew I'd enjoy the Ocean Journey if I ever got the chance. Well, I finally got the chance on Labor Day, and I did, indeed, fully enjoy it.

We started in the River Journey, and this time was better than I remember. Maybe because it was the daytime and I was only there for fun, but this time around was better than the first. You start at the top and work your way down through each exhibits. In the first area, there were birds, sting rays, baby sharks and other fish you'd find in the river. After that, we made our way to the butterfly room.

(There's a bunch of photos in this post.)

Riding through the mountains

September 3, 2014

1. I have so many photos in my phone and camera to sort through, edit and post it's got my head spinning. I completely understand how people blog as their full-time job, because it can get extremely time consuming. This past weekend I went to Nashville for my family reunion, and then did some more sightseeing around Tennessee, so hundreds of photos must be processed and uploaded before I stop caring and they never see the light of the internet. Also, I spelled Tennessee incorrectly in that previous sentence, so I'm more tired than I realize.

2. The beach will always have my heart, but riding through the mountains is so stunning that is sometimes makes me question my coastal loyalties.

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