August has consumed me.

I keep telling myself I need to upload, post, write something here, if not for anyone else at least for myself, but the time... it passes. so. quickly.

To be fair, it's my own fault. I overcommitted myself this summer. So many good work opportunities popped up and I thought I could juggle it all. I did juggle it all; I may overcommit, but I never under-deliver, even if it means sacrificing my mental energy.

The good thing is, I've still been taking care of me. Still making time to schedule all my annual healthcare appointments, carving out space in my calendar for haircuts, workouts, long showers, dinner dates, and frivolously scrolling twitter or over-customizing my phone layout. Allll while taking care of my family, cooking decent meals, keeping my house clean, and tending to a middle-aged dog who loves finding new reasons to visit the vet. But whew! I've starved myself of all my favorite creative outlets. I turned on my camera today and saw I was two firmware updates behind. Then I grabbed a different camera to backup the memory card and realized that software needed an update as well. And I have a roll of film to develop from July and another roll of film to finish in a different camera, and my digital journal hasn't been touched in weeks, and. and. and.

Here I am.

It wasn't like this in the before times. Before kids consumed every contingency for every move I made. What a naïve little ingenue I was. Living in a gated castle of endless time and energy. Now I'm in the trenches hustling for a meager helping of uninterrupted me-time during the daylight hours. Motherhood is the hoodest hood there is, but let me tell you: those little munchkins are the most perfect things I've ever made.

When I think about making plans for fall, it's all about them. Pumpkin patches, hayrides, festivals, fairs, and some fun travel sprinkled in the mix.