Warmer, longer, brighter afternoons are for slower, calmer, low-stress moments. So, when I have a 1pm haircut appointment, I'll take some extra time to walk around the neighborhood and grab an iced coffee. When I need to make a grocery run at 4pm, I'll stop at the library and grab a book I've been wanting to read.

I've been trying to me more intentional about making all the daily chores and responsibilities feel less like chores and responsibilities. It was getting to a point where even a haircut feels more like another task on my to-do list and less like an act of self care. 

Before I had the boys, J and I would let the dirty laundry pile up and do one big day of washing on the weekend. By the end of the day, all the clean clothes would be in a huge pile on the bed, and that's when I'd declare a 🎊!!FOLDING PARTY!!🎊 in an attempt to make it "fun." He'd always roll his eyes, and I'd secretly do the same, because there's nothing fun about folding laundry. But it was that spirit of togetherness and shared duties that made it less boring.

Now? There's no way I could let skip multiple days of laundry - definitely not a full week. The boys soil their clothes before noon half the time. The blankets, the linen, the dog bed covers... something always must be washed. Last night I had a dream that I walked in the house and there were piles and piles of clean clothes scattered all around, waiting for me to fold it all and put it away. Because these days, the division of labor looks a bit different. I am the Lone Launderette. 

A load every other day keeps the piles away, keeps my nightmares at bay.