Me: I feel like you want me to just sit back and be a firefighter-wife.

We've been having lots of discussions about work and our careers in the activespirit household lately. This summer brought lots of change and new, exciting professional opportunities, but when you have young kids, everything is a balancing act. 

I know the general concept of "work" is a hot topic right now, with the pandemic shifting the way our generation approaches office life vs. WFH, being overworked and re-learning how to juggle it all as our responsibilities evolve. I've talked about this quite often in my circles, and I've had times when I've just wanted to throw my hands up and say I don't need this, my man has two jobs. But at the end of the day, I cherish the privilege to pursue my own passions outside of the domestic priorities, so I'll just continue to have my conversations and keep pushing forward.

Him: No. Not anymore. At one point I did, but I get it now.

Other than work, I've been trying to get better at playing as hard as I work. So I've had lots of hot dates lately. Hot dates with my boys. Hot dates with my loved ones. Hot dates with myself.

And just when my fun-bubble got nice and full, the washing machine popped it by breaking and refusing to drain the laundry. At this point of the program, I'm doing laundry every other day, sometimes every day. Imagine my surprise when I learned how difficult it is to find appliances in stock for same-day pickup. 

The supply chain is still recovering, it seems. Just like the rest of us.