Had a mini getaway to Nashville with one of my oldest, dearest friends last week and it was much needed.

We went for a Joss Stone concert, and squeezed in a short stroll around the gulch the following morning after brunch.

The brunch was perfect.

I finally got to try Biscuit Love and their famous "bonuts," and it was even better because we didn't have to wait in line. On the weekends, the line wraps out to the street, but on a random Wednesday morning? Immediate service! 

Not sure when I'll ever be able to have a loaded brunch with a mimosa at 9am on a Wednesday, but I savored every moment and every bite.

As for the concert, it was well worth the trip. Joss put on an amazing show.

I sent a text to J as Joss was wrapping her encore (!!) that it was the best concert I've ever been to. Fitting that a pregnant woman knows how to get the job done like none other.

She even let the baby's gender slip, but my lips are sealed. 🤐