A few weeks ago, I got an email from Google advising my free google workspace account (the one i use for this blog) would no longer be free. So, I spent all afternoon a couple days later migrating my domain and email host to a new server. It was a long and tedious process, about which I knew very little. But thanks to the help of a few reddit threads and online tutorials, I was able to figure it out.

Then today, I got the notification that my auto-renew had failed with google (as expected, since I switched servers). It made me realize that I've officially had this blog for 10 years.

Honestly, wow. It's wild to imagine I've been documenting bits of my life in this space for over a decade, but I really do put so much time and energy into this small little corner of the web. I've changed the layout, fonts, general theme at least a dozen times over the years. 

I've learned bare-bones CSS to do custom coding for certain design elements. I've fixed countless broken links and missing images. I've figured out how to keep my posts going to people's inbox if they so choose (another free service Google revoked. How long until they start charging for Gmail? Search?) ... the list goes on.

That being said, if google ever decides to make blogger a premium platform, I'm not gonna lie... I'd have to find something else. Maybe I'd create a new tumblr as a continuation into the next decade or something, but the fact that I've gotten by this long with so little financial investment means I really have no excuse to keep it going.

Four years ago, I wrote this post sharing some thoughts on blogging in general, and I still stand behind every word, but I have to admit that I really miss the days of blogging past. I miss logging onto my computer Monday morning and throwing a post up sharing what I did that weekend. I miss reading about other people's weekends and their random thoughts about random subjects. 

Everyone has migrated to Instagram and more dynamic ways of sharing their life, but I'm not interested in jumping through hoops for the algorithm. I checked my average time spent on IG recently, and my daily average is 18 minutes, and I tell myself I should post more, especially as a creative professional, but then also no. If y'all want to see what's happening in my world, you can find me right here.