It's been a year since I shared my Notion setup, and i'm noticing it's getting more traction lately - probably because Notion is becoming more popular among productivity enthusiasts. 

While I don't consider myself someone who's enthusiastic about productivity, I do have goals, and I like getting stuff done. For that reason, Notion has been an incredible tool for me this past year.

Some of my pages haven't changed a bit since my last post, but i've been updating and streamlining other pages so they better serve my needs since I log into this app multiple times a day. It's on my personal computer, my work computer, my personal phone, my work phone, and my ipad. If I have a smart device, I have notion installed.

The only things I don't really use it for are 1) a daily calendar, because it unfortunately does not sync with my outlook calendar for work or my shared family iCal, 2) shopping lists, because again, I need the sharing capability and it's much easier to share lists with other iphone users instead of requesting other people sign up for an app they know nothing about (and with a steep learning curve), and 3) passwords, because security reasons.

Other than that, if I'm planning something, dreaming of something, formally presenting something, it's probably going through my notion dashboard first - in some capacity. My dashboard is a bit different these days. I've streamlined the sections, removed parts I no longer need, and made it so I can see everything at a glance without lots of scrolling.

The sidebar has shortcuts to my website and portfolio (both of which were also built and published on notion via fruition) and all my main pages. I keep everything separated as pages since it's easier to save things around the web with the notion web clipper on the computer or my phone that way. 

If I'm shopping online and see something I really like but I'm not ready to purchase, I clip and save it to my "wanting" page. If I'm reading a really good article and want to come back to it later, I save it to my "reading" page. If I see a recipe I want to try soon, I save it to the "eating" page. And so on and so forth.

The daily tracker is something new I'm supposed to be trying for 2022, but admittedly, I haven't tried it yet.
My weekly/monthly reset pages are more or less the same as always. Sometimes I update them depending on the season or my current goals, but they've become something I look forward to at the start of each week/month. It's my way of mentally and digitally decluttering. 

At the start of each month, I back up all the newly saved digital files to my external hard drive and delete all the stuff I don't need stored locally on my devices. Then I pay bills, update our family calendar, review my goals, etc., and it really does feel like a fresh start for me.

Speaking of goals, here's my page for that (redacted for personal reasons). 

It's super simple. I want the actual goals to be the focus, not the aesthetics. I also like to keep my goals from the previous years for reference: a way to look back on the things I've accomplished or goals that I've lost sight of.

My reading list is also pretty simple. All the articles I've clipped from around the web get added to the bottom. From there, during my weekly reset, I'll add them to the table up top and tag them so they're easier to find later.

My watch list keeps getting longer and longer. I'm watching less and less tv/movies these days, and that's not me being a snob, that's just me not having the mental energy to commit to watching a 2+ hr movie or a full series when it's quicker and easier to read a couple chapters before bed.

When I do finally commit to watching something, it's so easy to pull up this list and pick a title, rather than scrolling endlessly through all the different streaming services.

Most of these pages were originally built using templates, but once I got more comfortable with the platform and more confident in designing my own layouts, I branched out and created my own so they better serve my needs.

For people who are new to the platform or don't have the patience to sit there and tinker with all the different settings, here are some of my favorite template makers:

Ok so if you made it this far and you really wanna get your life in some semblance of togetherness this year, download this app and thank me later!! (preferably below, in the comments section)