it’s been a hot minute since i dropped in with a proper update and whew, life sure feels like a whirlwind lately.

the old heads were right about this: if it’s not one thing, it’s another. life honestly does not slow down the older you get, and i’m really feeling that this year. once you resolve one problem, there’s another to tackle, so i’ve been trying to remain present and be intentional about all the good moments in spite of all the challenging ones.

for the first time probably ever, i’m ready for summer to end. it’s usually my favorite month, but after catching multiple colds, HFM, and lugging around two kiddos, car seats, strollers, etc. in the hot Georgia heat? i’m over it! last week Gabriel pooped out his pants in the middle of Whole Foods and i basically had to strip him down in the back of the truck to give him a baby-wipe-bath. thank GOD i have to good sense to always keep extra kids clothes in the back seat.

so all the drinks with friends, and family walks, and clear sky views from the starbucks drive-thrus, they’re all a little bit sweeter when you really stop to think about it.