Picture it: blogspot, 2013.

You log in on Monday to make a post about your weekend. It's filled with candid snaps of all the fun things you did, and random text tidbits for context. You hit publish. People who follow your feed tap in, read, comment, and otherwise engage. There is little-to-no pressure. Life is good.

Now? In 2021? On Blue Ivy's internet? The pressure is ON. Snaps are no longer candid. They are hi-res editorial images. Text tidbits are long-form copy blocks. All the fun and free features that used to be included with your blog? Those are gone. Unless you pay a monthly fee. Lots of people are now using squarespace or wordpress or substack, because apparently newsletters are the new blogs. 

Blogspot is a wasteland of idle posters and ME. 

So when I got an email that my free RSS email feed was going away, did I get annoyed? Yes. But we're coming off the catastrophe of a year that was 2020, and I had plenty of other things going on. So I ignored it... until today. 

I'm trying out a new follow by email service, so if you're a reader who previously followed via email updates, you'll have to re-opt in to tap in again. Sorry for the hassle. Sorry I haven't been posting more often. Thank you for caring enough to follow in the first place. 

That's all.