Steam Mop - Were my floors even clean before March 2020? I'm not entirely sure! I got this mop at the start of shelter-in-place orders, and wow. I love it. I have used it regularly for the past 7 months, and I'm never going back to a regular push mop again.

Quick Shine Floor Finish - In October, we had another leak in the kitchen. This time it was in the ceiling (much easier to fix than the time we had that major leak in wall), and the repair process left us with a big ol' hole that had to be patched. It also gave us that final push to remove the popcorn texture from the area, and that got messy. No matter how many times I mopped the floors, they still looked ashy. So I bought this floor polish to restore the shine, and it worked like a charm. The best part? It's unscented. A must for this expecting mama!

SmartSweets - I haven't had a regular gummy bear all year. These candies have ~3g of sugar per bag, and they're delicious. For a while I had to go to whole foods to get my fix, but I'm starting to see them in target and other grocery stores. I've been more sensitive to sugar as of late, so these have been the perfect treat when I want something sweet but not sweet.

Eucerin Original Healing Cream - my beloved Nivea Creme will always and forever be my number one moisturizer... when I'm not pregnant. The smell became too overwhelming, so I had to find an alternative that was unscented. This ointment has a similar consistency and texture as the Nivea, and I'll definitely repurchase when my tub runs out.

Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea - My favorite winter tea is Hot Cinnamon Sunset by Harney & Sons, but it's made with a black tea base which has caffeine. I bought this one on a whim at Walmart since it was caffeine free, and it's delicious! The only tea I've been drinking this fall/winter.

Lanolin - best lip balm ever.

Carpet Deodorizer - There's clearly a theme this year. Lots of products I bought/discovered came out of a need to satisfy my sensitive nose. I'd normally use baking soda and essential oil as a carpet deodorizer/refresher, but again... I couldn't stand the smell of essential oil fragrance. Carpet deodorizers almost always have some sort of added fragrance, but I was determined to find something that smells fresh and unscented. Then I found a brand called NoScents on Amazon. It was like the heavens opened and delivered it to my doorstep. This stuff is so good a neutralizing odors. I even use it on the dog's bed. It's magic.

Jewelry Holder - I needed something for all the jewelry I (used to) wear on a regular basis, so I wasn't always fumbling through my jewelry box to find the same few pieces. This one is the perfect size and was exactly what I was looking for. Eventually I'll probably upgrade it to a real-leather version with my name engraved. I've got my eye on this one from TDE.

Blue Light Glasses - I've worn blue light glasses here and there for the past few years, but this year? With all the excess screen time? I've been wearing them constantly.

Haircut by James - It's been two years since I've gotten a proper haircut. I made an appointment in July to see James, and his next available appointment at the time wasn't until November. That's how booked this man stays, and for good reason. I got the best cut of my life. The layers lay so perfectly! It's so much easier to wash (still takes forever to dry), and I've also experienced less breakage. The old hair was weighing me down and I didn't even realize it. I've already booked my trim for next year. 

Cardholder - I made the switch from a traditional wallet to a cardholder last year, but it was a cheap plastic version that quickly fell apart. I got this one (pictured) as a birthday present, and it became an instant favorite.