I hardly ever share pictures from around the house, and that's mainly because there's only about one hour each day where the natural light shines through well enough for quality shots. Most evenings are spent chilling out with candles lit and a book in hand or a movie on the big screen (usually both at the same time because I love background noise),

In an effort to share some simple, everyday moments, I took a few pictures of what 7pm in the Active Spirit household usually looks like and am posting them here - in all their grainy and fuzzy glory.

^^ Bedside essentials: book, body oil, nail polish

^^ Baby's shelfie - I use more products on him than I do on myself

^^ A humble but mighty kitchen

^^ 10 minute tenders and tots from the air fryer and a side of southwest salad-in-a-bag because we rarely cook things "from scratch" around here

^^ Views from my desk

^^ BTS (behind the scenes)

^^ BTS of the BTS from a low-quality front-facing camera

^^ Deep in the selfie rabbit hole

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