A few days ago, I was leaving target, wearing leggings as pants with Starbucks in hand - peak suburban mom style. Who even am I?

I'll save the existential crisis for another post. Today is all about the various ways the lovely men and women spell my name when I place an order for "Chantel" at Starbucks. Sometimes they get it right, but when they don't, I do this weird thing where I attach a caricature to however they decide to spell it.

These are my personalities.

First, there's me, Chantel. 
She's got a type-A personality, but she's pretty chill for the most part. She plans ahead. She sees things through. She likes to read the book before watching the movie. She thinks parties are overrated. She rarely visits salons or nail shops. Her idea of a fun Saturday night includes her couch, a candle, and a glass of wine.

Then there's Chantelle.
She's the girl next door. She's never had a pimple or a split end. Her laugh is cute and quiet. Her hands are always manicured. She's spontaneous and has been with the boy next door since they were 15 years old. She believes in the power of manifestation and thinks life is only what you make it. Her idea of a fun Saturday night is the weekly pizza party she has with her husband and their four kids.

We also have Shantel.
She's a sour patch kid. First she's sour, then she's sweet. She's got lots of sass and takes no mess from the customer service representative on the other end of the phone. She smiles in your face and behind your back, because if she has a problem, she makes it known. Her idea of a fun Saturday night is going to the party and hanging near the DJ booth the whole time.

Last, there's Shontelle.
She's hood. She smacks her lips, sways her hips and pops her gum. Her tattoo collection is growing. Her first time at a Starbucks was in NYC for her 25th birthday, when she left her hometown for the first time ever. She's very close with her family, but they're always in her pockets. She's constantly taking one step forward and two steps back. Her idea of a fun Saturday night is a fancy dinner at the Wendy's with her on-again-off-again boyfriend.

*Honorable mention to Chantal (couldn't find a picture of this one in my camera roll).
She's a super bougie goody-two-shoes. She only buys organic groceries. She doesn't like to get her hands dirty. When she's had a bad day, designer clothes lift her mood. She only dates men who are good on paper, but none have been good enough to marry so far. Her idea of a fun Saturday night is attending a charity art gala at a local museum, because she loves to give back to the community.