We decided to get out of town pretty last minute. One minute we were talking about maybe going somewhere and within the hour we were booking the hotel. After a bit of searching, we found BODE. It's not quite a hotel, but it's not quite an Airbnb either. I'd describe it as a cross between the two, but more than anything, it's super millenial.

Here's why:

First, all communication is done via text message. The first booking confirmation came via email, but all information after that was sent to my phone in a text message. If we wanted room service, we texted our order. If we wanted concierge-type information on what to do or where to go for certain things, we had to text for help. The access code to our front door? Check your confirmation text.

We even had to text to request housekeeping during the day, which was not included with the booking and costs ~$50 each time you need it.

Also, there wasn't a traditional front desk. Everything is done at the bar. Checking in? At the bar. (All the asked was "did you get our text? yes? you're good to go!) Checking out? At the bar. Calling the valet? At the bar. Having a drink for happy hour? You get the gist.

The lobby was very nice, though. In addition to the bar, there were multiple seating areas, a cafe, lounging spots with board games, table tennis and more. Oh, and the decor? Minimal mixed with mid-century modern with plants all around. Hello, millennial. 

I suspect it was once an apartment building that has been reconverted for lodging purposes. The rooms look like full-on city apartments, and you can even see where the washer/dryer connections once were. There's everything you could possibly need in the kitchen if you prefer to buy groceries instead of eat out around town, and you can even request specialty items like a Vitamix, a George Foreman grill, a waffle maker, or muffin pans – all at no extra charge.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay and will definitely book it again if we come for another visit. Having a full kitchen made it so much easier to pump and store milk for baby boy. Washing out pump parts would've been a pain in the neck at a traditional hotel, and I'm not a big fan of Airbnb's, so this was the perfect option.