There’s a reason I don’t enjoy staycations. When I’m at home for days on end, I notice everything wrong with my space: the dog hair along the baseboards, the cracks in the ceiling texture, the sparse spots in the wall paint, the list goes on... and on. It’s a curse. There’s a potential project lurking in every corner if I look hard enough, and when I’m camping out around the house, I’m looking – hard.

I’ve been taking this extra time at home to have J take care of these “projects.” That word sounds better than “chores,” so I’ve learned. He’s already done some work in the backyard, and in the meantime, I took to the internet (usually during a breastfeeding session) to do some virtual window shopping, which turned into virtual actual shopping.

I was catching up on some Youtube videos, and Ashley Brooke featured a hanging chair (#notsponsored) that had been on my wishlist for a couple years. It was always too expensive, which is why I never took the purchase plunge, but I looked on the website last week and saw it was HALF OFF. I’m not one to make impulse purchases (and technically it’s not an impulse buy if I already had it on my wishlist, right?), but I went for it. Who knows when it’ll be priced this low again?! I’m claiming it as an early birthday present to myself. UPDATE: It's now sold out online and listed as "no longer available" which means it probably won't be restocked, at least not for a while, so I'm glad I went for it.

Of course, that meant J was tasked with buying the right hardware and actually installing the thing, which he did the very next day.


Now I have the perfect reading corner. Alls I have to do is pay my library fines and I’ll be good to go.