Hello, from the fourth trimester.

What day even is it? Somehow a whole month has passed since giving birth and I can hardly tell the days apart - they all blend together at this point.

I’m supposed to sleep when baby sleeps. Can I also eat when baby eats? Clean when baby cleans?? Et. cetera?

My mom has been over regularly, so J and I both get a few hours to ourselves every other day or so. I spend my free time running errands and grocery shopping, and wow, it feels good... normal.

Eating, cleaning, and grocery shopping. These are my simple pleasures as of late.

Here are my small victories: I’ve been able to shower daily and have washed my hair twice in the past 4 weeks. Nursing has also been a breeze.

Here are my cravings: Chicken salad (must have grapes, pecans and dried cranberries), plain pringles, kodiak power waffles, iced coffee, iced tea (not to be confused with sweet tea), and rosé.

Here are my struggles: Finding time to go for walks, mustering the energy to welcome so many visitors each day (though this is getting easier as I get more sleep each night), and dealing with the postpartum hormone dump.

Let the record show that I cried, for no apparent reason, when walking into the wine shop for the aforementioned rosé. Maybe i was just really happy to be able to drink wine again? Pray for my husband if you’re reading this.

Continue scrolling for more baby spam. And can somebody please make a scratch-n-sniff with newborn baby smell? A candle? An air freshener? SOMETHING?!