This humble bowl took about two hours to make from start to finish since everything was from scratch. I had to chop and roast the sweet potatoes, make sauce a homemade sauce for the meatballs to marinate in the slow cooker, boil the rice, and chop and sauté all the veggies (kale, carrots and bean sprouts, hidden at the bottom of the bowl).

I fully understand why it’s so difficult and expensive for some people to eat a healthy diet. Frozen rice would’ve been quicker and easier, but it’s way more expensive. Yes, I could’ve bought the kale that was already cut, washed and pre-packaged, but it was twice as much as the whole leaf version. Sure, I could’ve just dumped a bottled sauce on the meatballs, but those are full of sugar, preservatives and other crappy ingredients. Cutting corners with our food adds up, yes, but it usually saves time - which is a seriously valuable form of currency! The domestic struggle is real out here.

All this for a dinner that would fill me up and supply a bunch of glorious nutrients I’ve been missing out on lately. They ran straiiiiight through me, though. J went into the bathroom a short while after I was done and said "it smells like collard greens in here... or cabbage. Whatever kind of vegetables you ate today." 


At least he knows I'm eating healthy. 

In other less-TMI news, today was my mom’s birthday! We celebrated with a simple lunch and and quick browse around a nearby antique mall. She’s been on the hunt for a nice, compact dresser for the baby but can’t seem to find the right piece for his/her room (sneak peek pictured in the second photo above).