You can learn a lot about a person by getting a peek into the way they love (romantically). Does she like holding hands? Does he say "I love you" before the end of every phone call? Things like that - little(ish) things.

So this Valentine's Day, I am sharing some random love facts about myself.

~ I was never lovestruck during my school days. Boys were fun, but not nearly as much fun as my girls.

~ I have never said "I love you" first.

~ The only way I enjoy cuddling is when I am the big spoon.

~ Quality Time and Acts of Service are my languages, but I need regular space and distance are equally important.

~ I enjoy sitting on the same side of a booth at a restaurant, no matter how extra it looks.

~ Sharing food is non-negotiable, and I never ask before reaching for a fry.

~ I do not wear his clothes. I love him but do not need to smell like him. (I will, however, wear his deodorant every now and then).

~ I have no problem sharing my phone passcode and expect the same in return.

~ I prefer getting flowers on regular days vs. occasions and holidays.

~ I am not a fan of pet names, especially in public.

~ I appreciate spontaneity, but I feel more loved when my SO takes time to plan an actual date instead of seeing where the day/night takes us.

~ I need good morning phone calls; text messages will not suffice.

photo sources (tumblr)