It's been two years since my last 30 before 30 update, and it's been five years (!) since I first blogged about it. I'm definitely due for an update, and in honor of this day, which is my last birthday before the dirty thirty (!!!), here it is.

1. Run a 5K - done!

2. Visit one of my dream destinations - done!

3. Learn how to change the oil in my car - done! J taught me this back when we were dating. I wrote this list about a month after we met, and shortly after, he broke down the entire oil change process... as he changed the oil in my car. Funny how life works out.

4. Master the Crow, King Pigeon & Scorpion poses in yoga - I took a step back from yoga, in favor of strength training and rock climbing, but I will always return to my mat, and when I do... I'm coming for these poses.

5. Own a dog - done!

6. Write a book - tried and failed, but willing to try again.

7. Go Christmas Caroling

8. Completely eliminate red meat from my diet - Listen. As long as carne asada tacos continue to exist, this may never happen. I have, however, noticed that red meat doesn't bother me as much as I thought it did. All the excessive starchy accompaniments (bread/potatoes/rice) were/are the real problem! This goal has morphed into other purposeful dietary changes, about which I am wholly happy. So, I'm officially crossing it off the list.

9. Design my apartment, like, to actually fit my personality - done! my apartment days are over, for now, but I now realize that apartment was very much "me."

10. See a show on Broadway

11. Watch Star Wars (the original) - starting to question whether this will ever actually happen.

12. Learn to surf

13. Buy a house (or townhouse, or condo) - done!

14. Ride a motorcycle

15. Go ziplining - done!

16. Shoot a shotgun - I've been to the gun range multiple times since writing this list, but handgun > shotgun. That kickback has me paranoid for my poor shoulder, but I'll do this eventually.

17. Feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day

18. Go to a Detroit Lions game

19. Write & sell a song - a few dear friends of mine have been urging me closer to this goal. My self-doubt kicks in every time I get pumped about the idea. :/

20. Cut my hair - done! (currently growing it out) 

21. Get another piercing(s) in my ear - done! (not blogged)

22. Audition for something

23. Go fishing and actually catch a fish - done!

24. Go an entire day without using any technology - this happened on our honeymoon in the mountains. There was absolutely no cell reception and no cable or landline phones in the cabin. The woods were so silent, creepily silent. It would've been nice to have the tv on as background noise.

25. Become a morning person - done

26. Renew my passport - done!

27. Have a real Christmas tree - done! twice!

28. Carve a pumpkin - done!

29. Host a party - girls night counts, right?

30. Read the entire Bible - I have fallen in the deepest of reading slumps. I have started several books this year but haven't finished a single one, and I'm not sure why. In any case, I'm not writing this one off, but I'm not sure how realistic it is at this point. The thought of reading the great ancestry book of Numbers and 1st and 2nd Kings before bed...? -__-