Replaced the battery in my iPhone, by myself, with the help of a guitar pick, a blow dryer, an eyeglass repair kit and a youtube tutorial. My battery was so swollen that the screen was bulging and getting worse and worse after every charge. I'm holding out for the new iPhone this fall (hopefully it's worth it), and we're saving for a proper vacation later this year, so an upgrade is not in the cards right now. A $6 ebay battery and a little elbow grease should hold me over until October-ish.

Tried a new Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl recipe . I didn't have ground beef or spinach on hand, so I used ground turkey and baby kale instead. I also didn't have sesame oil on hand, so I used teriyaki sauce. In fact, I re-worked most of the ingredients to accommodate what was already in the pantry. I also forgot to garnish it with sesame seeds for picturesque appeal. Ah well. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. I'll be trying it again in the near future with beef and spinach though.

Tried a bourgeoisie $6 ice cream from Whole Foods that I would not recommend. I'm going to have to re-purpose it in a milkshake or something just so it won't go to waste. The texture is just... off. It kinda tastes fuzzy on my tongue. Like it's freezer burnt or something. Ice cream should not taste fuzzy! (UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: it's terrible by itself, but thrown into the blender with some almond milk and iced coffee, it works,)

Updated my writing portfolio and cleaned up all the broken links, which likely helped me land two new freelance jobs. Chea!

Went to church inside a school, because that's where we're meeting over the summer. May I also mention, it's the nicest high school i've ever seen, including the ones in the movies.

'Tis all.