Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up with a new post today. I've been making an effort to take more pictures of my everyday run-of-the-mill routine, i.e. my life at the moment, but all I have to show for the last few weeks are the few photos above.

Views around town because commuting is <sarcasm font> fun </sarcasm font>
Rainy afternoons that render our new patio set useless
The dog, who is turning her nose up, probably because I made her get her paws wet

Spring is in full swing. To get the ball rolling, may I present my to-do list, in all its mundane glory.

Around the House

✓Measure the front door
✓Get a storm door for the front door based on the above measurements
✓Treat the backyard for mosquitos and wasps (preventative)
✓Clean the gutters
✓Dust the high ceiling corners in the living room

Around the Yelp Bookmark List

✓JCT - (Westside) every time i make a reservation for this spot, something comes up and I have to cancel. must make it happen soon.
✓Canoe - (Vinings) a favorite of mine
✓Two Birds Taphouse - (The Marietta Square) new and hip near my area, according to Yelp.
✓Chama Gaucha - (Buckhead) reservations booked for Le Anniversary!
✓Taco Truck L 1000000 - this is literally the name of the taco spot, and as a rule of thumb, the jankier sounding the taco place, the better the food.

Around the Kitchen

✓Sheet Pan Honey Lemon Salmon - i'm not a fan of seafood, but i've been craving salmon lately!
✓Raspberry Balsamic Slow Cooker Meatballs - i've mastered the honey garlic meatball recipe, so it's time to try a new one.
✓Garlicky Greek Spaghetti Toss - because this recipe sounds super easy

Around the Library

The Nix, by Nathan Hill - current bedtime story.
The Girls, by Emma Cline - renewed twice from the library already, must finish by 5/30. ("Renewal limit reached: This item cannot be renewed." Thanks, i get it.)
The Goldfinch, by Donna Tart - started reading but couldn't get in the groove, which is unfortunate since I actually bought this one. will revisit soon.

Around the Town

✓Nao Concert - done
✓Find more things to do around the town