I love a good burger, and my favorite burger in Atlanta can be found at Holeman and Finch. It goes head to head with Thanksgiving dinner in the taste department, and that's saying a lot. The downside to loving that burger so much is that every other "craft burger" I try around town gets compared to H&F. I do it subconsciously, but J is quick to take one bite and say it's good, but it's no Holeman & Finch
Shake Shack?
Not bad, but it's no Holeman & Finch

That hit the spot, but it wasn't no Holeman & Finch

Okay, it's up there... but it's still no Holeman & Finch.

It's a buzz killer.

It's basically like we're on the hunt to find a burger tastier than H&F. I've had a few places in my Yelp bookmarks for a while: Stockyard Burgers and Bones, The General Muir, and Fred's Meat and Bread.

I first heard about Fred's through Atlanta Eats. I was watching local tv one random Saturday night, and the host was raving about the double stack. So, a couple weeks ago (yeah, I'm late with this post), I dragged the Mister to the other side of town for the double stack. I justified the driving distance by saying I wanted to check out Krog Street Market, but honestly, I just wanted to try the burger.

We took a lap around the market to scope the scene and then settled at Fred's for an order of hand-cut garlic fries and two double stacks. The fries we not what I was expecting, but I ended up enjoying them with the all-natural ketchup. If they bottled that stuff and sold it in stores, I'd definitely buy in bulk.

And the burger... ?

It was good. Cheese and all.


It was no Holeman & Finch.

I wouldn't drive across town for it again, but if I was already in the area, it'd be a top option. After we ate, we walked around and explored the market a bit more, before heading out to enjoy the rest of the evening.

I must admit, Krog Street Market failed to impress. It's smaller than I expected, and there's only a handful of specialty eateries plus a few handcrafted soap stands and knick knack vendors. Fred's was satisfying, and the line for Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream was longer than all the others, but it in general, it felt... over-rated. Aside from the food and drinks above, my favorite part was the water station: chilled, room temperature, or sparkling.