I'm taking a page out of Tierra's book (blog) and dropping a variety of thoughts here today.
The photo above is from a fun little shop in the Marietta Square called The Local Exchange. It's nice because the Square is one of my favorite local suburban areas, and inside this shop they mainly sell  items that are locally made. In here you'll find everything from baby clothing, to spices and honey, to jewelry, to candles, to juices and more. It's nice little smorgasbord of Georgia-grown goods. 

Is there a website or an app that shows where to find local good like this in other cities/states? I'm a big fan of road trips, and I'd love to start bringing home small, locally-made souvenirs.  I guess I could google the answer to that question, huh?

I just looked and couldn't find anything...

This instagram page for Socality Barbie is everything I love and hate about instagram. The photos are perfect. They're TOO perfect.

Fall TV is back, and my evenings are spent rushing home from yoga to chill on the couch, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm contemplating a post on my favorites and not-so-favorites soon.

Oh yeah, I've gotten back into my yoga groove. Mastering a couple intense poses is on my 30 before 30 list, and I haven't forgotten about them.

Speaking of that list, I've recently knocked off #20 (cutting my hair), and I failed to document it via photograph, so I guess that means it really didn't happen? I kid. It happened. I also completed a few other numbers since writing that post:
  • #1 - run a 5K 
  • #3 - learn how to change the oil in my car 
  • #5 - own a dog 
  • #9 - design my apartment to fit my personality (even though technically it's "our" apartment now)
  • #15 - go ziplining 
  • #21 - get another piercing in my ears (another moment I failed to photograph) 
  • #23 - go fishing and actually catch a fish 
  • #24 - go an entire day without using technology 
  • #25 (kinda) - become a morning person 
  • #28 - carve a pumpkin 
Number 29 will likely happen this year, and now that I'm writing this out, I realize I've already blogged about those moments, without even realizing they were on my list. *pats self on the back*
Alright, that's all for now. Let's make this Friday a productive one.