On Saturday morning, we had to opportunity to volunteer with Books for Africa. It's an organization that's been around since 1988, and just as the name suggests, they send donated books to various countries in Africa.

We had set aside some time a few weeks back to help out, but by the time Saturday morning rolled around, all I wanted to do was enjoy the weather and/or have brunch somewhere. Once we finally got there and saw the warehouse, my motivation was restored and the few hours we were there really flew by!

Books for Africa gather all kinds of books from all over the country. Headquartered in Minnesota, the Atlanta office packs and ships reading materials for all ages, including university textbooks, medical journals, religious texts, and more. The team we picked that day was assigned to packing and labeling college-level science and engineering books, and by the end of the morning my arms were seriously tired. Oh how I do not miss those days of lugging heavy textbooks around campus, but I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to carry that burden. It is truly a privilege.

"How cool is it that your handwritten labels will be on boxes all the way in Africa about six months from now?"  - J.