I'm not usually one to share a bunch of favorites posts, even though I love reading (and watching, on Youtube) the ones other people post. My annual roundups are filled with things that stood out over the course of a full year, and I don't take the "favorite" title lightly. When I find a favorite, I stick with it. I'm not one of those consumers who likes to try new things just because. If i'm trying something new, it's usually because my old faithful has been discontinued or I can't find it anywhere around town.

Shelter in place, however, has given me time to appreciate all the things around my home that I love. It's a short list, but the best ones are!


Voluspa French Cade Lavender
Byredo Burning Rose
Project 62 Stone, Lemon + Grapefruit


Shears. This was in my last favorites post, but man oh man, they're still coming in clutch. You know all that cooking we're all doing right now? These make it so much easier. Chopping veggies and meats takes too long sometimes, but cutting them up? Easy peasy.

Personal Care:

Diptique Body Wash. Body wash has never been my style. I prefer a good, old-fashioned bar of dove soap and a soft washcloth. But. I recently found some samples I had stashed away, and I've been using them as a way to have small moment of opulence at the end of the day. The scent has such staying power, and I go to bed smelling like the inside of a spa.

Glossier Balm Dot Com. I keep one on my nightstand and one in my desk. I get the hype now. I get it.

Costco Joggers. Lots of people are posting about all this luxury loungewear, but my trusty old joggers from Costco easily some of the most comfortable clothes I've ever worn. 


Steam Mop. This is a very new purchase, but I already can't understand how I've gone so long without one. My floors were never clean before, I'm convinced. The past four years of cleaning floors in the house have been a lie tbh.


  1. Are you Costco joggers Fila? I bought a blush pink pair from them about two years ago and they are my go to: lounging, traveling, quick runs to the store, etc. Of course now, they are a bit uncomfortable for obvious reasons. LOL!

    Also, I think one of the things that has been keeping me mellow throughout this quarantining has been candles. They are really a mood booster. I don't even want to share how much I've spent on candles within the last two months. But I've been thinking about just incorporating it into my budget that takes care of my book habit. LOL!

    1. are you me? am i you? because yes to the fila joggers and YES TO THE CANDLE BUDGET!!!

  2. I need outside to open up. I only have two candles left and I've been using my air diffuser to supplement the lack of a freshly lit candle. Never thought to do a favorites because I'm sure if I have anything. BUT i love a good pair of shears. I've been contemplating on a steam mop for months now... you're convincing me!

    1. DO IT. it almost feels like my floors were never clean before. how did i not have one?!

  3. These Voluspa candles must be the jars you're cleaning and keeping because they are so pretty! Love the scallop details! And YES to kitchen shears, I have two and they are soooo clutch. Also, recently got a garlic press and omg, my life is changed. Next on my list is getting a proper potato masher.

  4. that candle looks so fancy and pretty! i haven't found a lavender based candle that gets me going but then again i feel like lavender and me.... we just get along neutral, meaning i'm not obsessed with them but i don't mind them either. sometimes, lavender even smells like nothing much for me which is odd since i'm curious about people's claim over lavender in helping insomnia.

    1. lavender, sage and lemongrass are my favorite scents for home. Maison Louis Marie has a lavender candle that i've been itching to try and it has great reviews!


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