Out-of-focus Christmas tree for the win on a Monday. I've been taking care of a sick baby and a sick husband (so basically two sick babies) this past weekend, so this is my view this afternoon.

I just went back to check and make sure Chicken Salad Chick was on my 2018 favorites list, and it is, rightfully so. This was my favorite spot last summer/fall. I'd walk to the Vinings location during my lunch break at work since it was somewhat within walking distance. The trek there and back was always a good workout - so many hills in the area that my calves would be on fire!

Had a lunch date here with my boys and rekindled that old flame. 🔥

I haven't had the time or patience for a good thrifting session in months, so I've been all about the apps. Poshmark/Depop/Mercari are my favorites, and I've got phone cases listed on all three right now. It's a time consuming hobby, though. Taking the pictures, editing the pictures, posting the pictures, writing out details for each listing, setting up shipping arrangements, etc. usually takes a couple hours if I'm posting items on all three platforms.

I've decided I need a good wine tasting session at least once per month.


  1. Oh man, I hope J and Gabriel feel better in time for all festivities of next week. Wishing you a happy and restorative holidays Disa! xo

    1. thanks, love. that's exactly what i need. wishing you the same as well. can't wait for your return to blogging!!! ❤️


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