This was July

31 July 2018

Red Hare Brewing, Round Two.

26 July 2018 Marietta, GA

Wild Heaven

21 July 2018 Avondale Estates, GA

The difference between capturing the moments and creating them

12 July 2018

The #100dayproject has come to an end, and I am thoroughly pleased to wave goodbye. When I came up with the plan for how I would participate this year, I thought I was choosing something easy - that way I could keep up with little-to-no pressure to "create" every day. Taking pictures is something I already do quite often, and I was armed with a brand, new camera, so this should've been a breeze, but it wasn't. I'm glad it's called a project and not a challenge, though, because I felt less pressure to keep up, especially on the days where I just didn't feel like taking a picture.

Some days aren't photo-worthy. Some days are so amazing that I don't think to stop and take a photo. Some days the lighting is terrible. Some days the pictures don't come out good no matter how many different angles I snap.

30 Before 30 - Another Update

08 July 2018

It's been two years since my last 30 before 30 update, and it's been five years (!) since I first blogged about it. I'm definitely due for an update, and in honor of this day, which is my last birthday before the dirty thirty (!!!), here it is.


02 July 2018


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