My Cinco de Mayo plans fell apart, for various reasons, but I got the chance to make up for it the very next day at Superica.

They have two locations: Krog Street Market and Buckhead. I have never been to the Buckhead location, but if it has as much character as the Krog Street outpost, I would highly recommend a visit. The food is your typical, slightly-overpriced Tex-Mex fare, complete with all your favorite accompaniments like chips, salsa, queso and guac, but the service and the atmosphere (especially on the patio) makes for a delicious afternoon of people watching.

J and I ate until food babies developed, then we walked around the nearby shops before heading home. It is also worth noting that I dined on some Mexican goodness for cuatro de Mayo as well,  which probably worked out better since I avoided the crowds, traffic and parking nightmare of it all.

More snaps of Superica below. 

I got my usual Tex-Mex dish: chicken fajitas, which I always eat without the tortilla because 1) they fill me up too quickly and 2) I prefer the taste of corn tortillas but only with tacos, never with fajitas. J ordered the steak fajitas, so we ultimately ended up sharing everything. Hashtag MexicanIsForLovers.

99 Krog St NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


  1. I'm totally with you on reserving corn torts for tacos. I literally CAN NOT eat anything else in a corn tortilla. It just doesn't taste the same to me. Seeing how they made the torts first hand in Mexico and then serving tacos has prohibited me from either tacos any other way. LOL! The food looks amazing though!

    1. Mmm, I need more details on the fresh, handmade tortillas... did I miss that blog post?!

  2. I have to make my way back to Krog street market for the food. I don't ever think I tried corn tortillas then again I have to be very careful in what I eat because it seems like I'm allergic to.

    1. Corn can be very hard on the stomach. I don't have any food allergies, but even I feel the heaviness after eating tacos and tortilla chips. IT'S SO WORTH IT, THOUGH.


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