My love for tacos knows no bounds.
If i was on death row, my last meal would be tacos.
When i finally birth & raise some kids, taco night will be a weekly staple in our household.
The first dish i teach those kids to make will be tacos.
I will serve tacos our wedding when we finally get around to having a more formal ceremony.
Tacos from fancy upscale cantinas and taquerias? Meh.
Tacos from mom & pop shops for $1-$2 a piece? They rarely disappoint.
Such was the case for Tacos Del Chavo.
9 out of 10 would recommend.

Tacos Del Chavo
2176 Cobb Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152


  1. Seriously, I thought my taco addiction was real, but yours sounds more severe than mine. LOL! Those tacos do look amazing. I have to have sour cream on my tacos, though.

    1. Sour cream is a must on my hard shell tacos, but on the soft ones? There's something about that cilantro & onion combo that makes a soft taco complete!

  2. And I had tacos yesterday! LOL
    Thinking of tacos again tonight, thanks Disa!

    1. I'm not even kidding when I say I could have tacos every. single. day. Maybe not for ever meal, but I'd make tacos for a "quick snack" if cutting up the cilantro & onions didn't take so long (and make me cry), and if carne asada wasn't so tough to chop up.


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