Note to self: if you want to ride bikes around Atlanta on Labor Day, you better have your own bike. Most of the rental places will close for the holiday, and the one that is open (and perfectly situated along the Beltline, might I add...) will be "all rented out" by the time you call them at 1pm. You'll then be stuck looking for a cookout or random event to attend. 

Another note to self: if you want to drop the dog off at daycare during Labor Day Weekend, remember that everyone else will have the same idea. This means you'll need to make an appointment ahead of time. Otherwise you'll be stuck with a hyperactive beast who needs a 4-mile walk just to chill out. Also, you'll be the person stuck taking her for that walk. If you're lucky, a friend will tag along. 
(Thanks, Meredith!)


  1. Awww! Moments like these are always just a little frustrating for me because I'm such a planner. I've been trying to be better about going with the flow but the minute I do, things never quite go the way I want. I guess you win some, you lose some haha. But who could say no to hanging with Raven's cute self? From the looks of it, she had a pretty good Labor day weekend too :)

  2. I like candid shots around Atlanta like these. I'm still trying to get to know different parts of this city. Even though I grew up here I rarely went in the city, and exploring a city as a teen is very different than experiencing it as an adult so I'm trying to figure out which area is the most 'me'. What areas do like?!



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