In the spirit of learning.

September 29, 2015

"I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma." - Eartha Kitt
Forgive me if this post is all over the place, but I've got some writing to get to for work, but I'm stalled until I deliver this thought baby currently gestating in my mind. I'm feeling inspired lately. And that's significant for me. This past year or so has been a whirlwind. It's been full of loss, life, and changes of all sorts. Like life tends to do, it threw me off balance, and it had my drive and creativity in a state of limbo. There's always been a bunch of dreams floating around in my heart, just like in your heart, but I think the tough part is figuring out how to navigate the path you're on so you merge with the path you seek.

The above quote from Ms. Kitt makes me think about how nobody ever, ever, has it all figured out. Our role models, mentors, spiritual leaders... they might not have their life figured out any more than the next person, and that's okay. Even if you do think you have things figured out, chances are something will happen to flip that upside down, too. And that's okay. Everybody is always learning. I learn more about myself everyday, and things are changing everyday, which means there will always be new things to learn.

And so, in the spirit of learning, I'm checking out these print resources - thought I'd share :)

  • Brand Famous, by Linzi Boyd - released on my birthday, last year, so kudos to the publisher for that one.
  • My So-Called Freelance Life, by Michelle Goodman - an oldie by modern standards, but still very much a goodie. I read it fresh out of college, and have recently rediscovered its goodness.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo - this woman has basically written all my and my mother's tidying rules out in prose format, but apparently she's explained it in a way that's revolutionary for so many people, in which case I'm spreading the love.

Autumn Brunches

September 28, 2015

There was a time in my life where I looooooved summer. I'm a July baby, and all year I waited, looked forward to and longed for summer. I would take hot, humid days and warm, thick nights over any other season. Somewhere along the line I got bit by the autumn love bug, and I've never looked back. 
This past Saturday was a cloudy and rainy one. It drizzled off and on all day, and as I pulled up to The Chicken and The Egg for brunch with Laura, I thought to myself, God, this is such a beautiful day. It really was. The cool weather, the puddles of water along the sidewalks, the bright yet overcast skies... I had googly eyes for all of it. All of it! Laura and I had such a good time catching up over bottomless mimosas and fried chicken with vanilla cinnamon french toast. I ate every, single bite, and I was full for the rest of the day. I came home, took a nap, cuddled and played with the pup for a bit (she doesn't like the rain, even if it's just sprinkling, so going for a walk was out of the question), and headed down the road to Meredith's house so we could catch up on some tv shows. 
Autumn brunches should will happen more often in my world.

A variety of thoughts.

September 25, 2015

I'm taking a page out of Tierra's book (blog) and dropping a variety of thoughts here today.

Red Brick Brewing

September 21, 2015

Date night is usually every other Friday night for us, and we've started alternating who does the planning and making the arrangements. This past Friday, it was my turn, and I was completely stumped for ideas. Then I remembered a blog post from Beth I saved in my handy-dandy pocket app a few months back. Beth is an avid explorer of Atlanta (she walked the entire beltline in one day - all 19 miles!), and her 65 Date Ideas in Atlanta came to the rescue.
I looked up some brewery tour options around town and settled on Red Brick Brewing as our first stop (dinner at Bocado came next, but that's another post for another day). Their building is buried deep in the Defoors Hills neighborhood of Northwest Atlanta, and the location is perfect. Outside they have games of cornhole going, barbecue grilling, a live band playing, and picnic tables around the front entrance for everyone to chill and enjoy the atmosphere. 
The inside is full of character, and for only $12, you get a tour, 6 "tasting" tickets (their tasting sizes equate to a full glass of beer) (needless to say we failed to use all 6 tickets) (but we'll be back), and a take-home souvenir glass.

Randomly curated content.

September 18, 2015

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I'm going to get straight to the point this morning. I have some links to share. Here's some randomly curated content that i've really enjoyed lately, and I thought I'd better not keep the goodness to myself. (links are attached to each '[x]' below)

Atlanta on Labor Day

September 9, 2015

Note to self: if you want to ride bikes around Atlanta on Labor Day, you better have your own bike. Most of the rental places will close for the holiday, and the one that is open (and perfectly situated along the Beltline, might I add...) will be "all rented out" by the time you call them at 1pm. You'll then be stuck looking for a cookout or random event to attend. 
Another note to self: if you want to drop the dog off at daycare during Labor Day Weekend, remember that everyone else will have the same idea. This means you'll need to make an appointment ahead of time. Otherwise you'll be stuck with a hyperactive beast who needs a 4-mile walk just to chill out. Also, you'll be the person stuck taking her for that walk. If you're lucky, a friend will tag along. 
(Thanks, Meredith!)

Mornings are bomb.

September 4, 2015

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There's this episode of How I Met Your Mother that discuss something called the The Mermaid Theory (Season 6: Episode 11, for those of you watching on Netflix at home). The theory states that back in the day, sailors used to go so long without female contact, that they'd start picturing manatees as mermaids while on the open seas. As it turns out, the male psyche hasn't evolved much since then, so this continues to happen in present day. Only, instead of sailors, it's the average joe who works a job where he doesn't get much female interaction, except for maybe his secretary. He's not attracted to his secretary for a variety of reasons; ultimately she's probably just not his type. She's a manatee. However, after so much time passes, and he's spent 40 hours a week around this woman for month after month, year after year, eventually she starts becoming more and more attractive. She turns into a mermaid. I may not be explaining this well enough, but it (surprisingly) makes sense the way the screenwriters broke it down on the show.

The point of that anecdote is to explain my feelings about mornings.

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