In the spirit of learning.

29 September 2015

"I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma." - Eartha Kitt

Autumn Brunches

28 September 2015

A variety of thoughts.

25 September 2015

I'm taking a page out of Tierra's book (blog) and dropping a variety of thoughts here today.

Red Brick Brewing

21 September 2015

Randomly curated content.

18 September 2015

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I'm going to get straight to the point this morning. I have some links to share. Here's some randomly curated content that i've really enjoyed lately, and I thought I'd better not keep the goodness to myself. (links are attached to each '[x]' below)

Atlanta on Labor Day

09 September 2015

Mornings are bomb.

04 September 2015

There's this episode of How I Met Your Mother that discuss something called the The Mermaid Theory (Season 6: Episode 11, for those of you watching on Netflix at home). The theory states that back in the day, sailors used to go so long without female contact, that they'd start picturing manatees as mermaids while on the open seas. As it turns out, the male psyche hasn't evolved much since then, so this continues to happen in present day. Only, instead of sailors, it's the average joe who works a job where he doesn't get much female interaction, except for maybe his secretary. He's not attracted to his secretary for a variety of reasons; ultimately though, she's probably just not his type. She's a manatee. However, after so much time passes, and he's spent 40 hours a week around this woman for month after month, year after year, eventually she starts becoming more and more attractive. She turns into a mermaid. I may not be explaining this well enough, but it (surprisingly) makes sense the way the screenwriters broke it down on the show.

The point of that anecdote is to explain my feelings about mornings.


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