Well hello there, June! I'm about three days late on this greeting, but the rent was on time and I've already been to the pool so yay for priorities. I've got a bunch of random thoughts to share, and what better place to spill everything.

Yesterday evening I found myself Googling "how to get through the terrible twos with a puppy" and discovered lots of other pet parents go through my current situation with Raven. Thankfully she's not chewing through furniture; I found a way to redirect that urge early on, but she's been acting like she doesn't know what her basic commands mean. On top of that, she does this thing where she runs around the living room like a maniac, and even though she's a big puppy, she's fast, and it gets hard to catch her. I'll admit, I've lost my temper a couple times and handled her more roughly than I should have, but she's been very forgiving and still kisses/licks all over me every day. There have also been a couple potty accidents, which really ticked me off. Jesus, give me patience.

Speaking of being a pet parent, my friend sent me these photos of his dog, and I almost fell out at how he poses for the camera.

Raven will get that photogenic soon. I can feel it. Right now she can hardly sit still.

In other news, my morning routine has been non-existent lately. These days I lay around in bed for about 30 minutes after I wake, and I'm not even ashamed. I blame The Skimm. Does anyone else use The Skimm? It's an email service that send important news updates in the form of a conversational message every morning. So I justify that extra 30 minutes of laying around by the fact that I'm catching up on important news topics. I don't much care for the way they word everything. s if feels like they're trying too hard to be witty, but still, I get all that pertinent info that CNN viewers normally get, and they also throw in some pop culture tidbits. All in all, I'd recommend it. 

In other, other news, Beth from The City Dweller recently posted a list of 65 date night ideas in and around Atlanta, and it's genius. I've been here for years and never thought of some of the things on this list. J and I will definitely be trying some of these soon. Hop on over and check out her recommendations if you're looking for different things to do in the city, and not just for a date night. (Maybe a girls night?)

'Tis certainly the season for nuptials. Aside from myself, three other good friends of mine got married within the past month or so. When I say good friends, I mean I've known these ladies since the tender age of 12 years old. Ashley's wedding was mentioned in this post, and my dear friend Tierra (pictured below on the left) got married on the same day, in Connecticut. Then, Ambriell (pictured below on the right) got married this past Sunday, in Texas. I'm so heartbroken I wasn't able to be there for the former two ceremonies, but I'm so happy for my girls! Love is in the air, for real.

As for me, aside from wrangling Raven every day, I've been running around dropping my maiden name with the appropriate entities. It's been a headache, but it has partially inspired a think-piece that'll get posted sometime soon.

Until then...


  1. I'm late, but congratulations on getting married. That is quite beautiful, and I am endlessly happy/excited for you. I've only been to one wedding in my life and it was when I was five. I'm excited to go to one as an adult, but no one I know is getting married.

    I'm going to check out that list of things to do in Atlanta. Ever since I've been back in the city it's been a hard adjustment. Vegas is so fast paced, and once I came back it felt like I slammed on the brakes, hard. Still trying to get used to it.


    1. Thank you, Zauni! Welcome back to Atlanta. The city has certainly missed you. Maybe it was time for a kit-kat break.

  2. I'd like to make it to a pool but NYC is still cold. I'll check out the 65 date night ideas to hang out with my friend when I visit ATL next month. Congrats on the marriage as well!

    1. Thanks, Miss! You'll be visiting during one of the hottest months, so make sure to drink lots of water, lol.

    2. ... and pack lots of sundresses. :)


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