Things I'm thankful for as of late:
  • Little to no traffic as I rode through downtown every day this week
  • Costco gas prices
  • "Beautiful" sights in downtown Decatur
  • The kind gentleman who gave me a watermelon
  • The other kind gentleman carried the watermelon to my car
  • Girlfriends who randomly want to take me to Poor Calvin's for dinner (thanks, Meredith.)(thanks, Tiff.)(love you ladies long time)
  • Wednesday's thunderstorm.


  1. I've been wanting to buy a watermelon, but I dont want to have to carry it up to the third floor lol. I have a linkup if you wanna join :D

  2. Yes downtown Decatur does have some hidden jewels and I think I had my fair share of watermelon for the summer...... well no not really but the best are the people who are selling it along the the street or hwy.


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