Things I'm thankful for as of late

June 26, 2015

Things I'm thankful for as of late:
  • Little to no traffic as I rode through downtown every day this week
  • Costco gas prices
  • "Beautiful" sights in downtown Decatur
  • The kind gentleman who gave me a watermelon
  • The other kind gentleman carried the watermelon to my car
  • Girlfriends who randomly want to take me to Poor Calvin's for dinner (thanks, Meredith.)(thanks, Tiff.)(love you ladies long time)
  • Wednesday's thunderstorm.

Fix your face.

June 24, 2015

I’m a friendly person.

This is a factual statement.

I was that kid in grade school who got unsatisfactory scores on my conduct reports because I was always talking to friends in class, and if the teacher moved my seat to the other side of the room, I’d still get in trouble for talking to friends in that part of the room. I had friends all over the place. The older I got, the more introverted I became, but I’ve always maintained that deep-rooted desire to socialize, no matter how much of my energy that requires.

These days I keep a smaller circle of friends, and and instead of being in a different part of the classroom, they're in different parts of the country: Florida, California, Texas... I once even had a pen pal in Bolivia (remember the days of pen pals?). Friendships and smiles go hand in hand, and if you ask any of my friends, I'm sure they'd say I'm generally full of smiles. On the flip side, strangers and smiles can be hit or miss for most people. Such was the case for me until I moved to the South. Down here, people greet you when you walk into the any given establishment, and strangers frequently smile and say hello. After living here for a while, I, too, have become one of those random people who smile and say hello. It's no big deal for me to strike up a conversation with a random person in line at the grocery store. If we’re walking down the street, and our paths are crossing, and we catch each other’s gazes, chances are… I’m going to smile and greet you, even if it's just a head nod. HOWEVER, if I’m deep in thought about whats for dinner tonight, or fully enthralled in whatever song is playing through my headphones, or focusing on my destination, I’m liable to walk past like you don’t exist. It’s never anything personal, and I had never really considered it rude until random men on the street started telling me to smile.

Quick fixes don't build character.

June 22, 2015

Monday, we meet again. 
Yesterday was one of those days where thoughts and emotions all bombard you at once. For one, it was Father's Day, and for the first time in my life, I was unable to talk to mine on that day. I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling once the day finally arrived, but it was okay. I had moments of sadness mixed with moments of comfort, mixed with an array of other indescribable feelings. For the most part, I tried not to focus on how I was feeling. I didn't really focus on anything. I just went through each moment as they came. 

I love my name.

June 12, 2015

I got my ears pierced a while back, and I promise this back-story ties into the overall theme of this post. My ears were already pierced, but I wanted a second hole in each ear, mostly because I always loved the way it looked on my mother. My then-fiance and I were out and about on a random weekday, and I just decided to take the plunge. Since I was essentially asking someone to jam a couple holes into my body, they made me fill out and sign a waiver - naturally. I signed my name like I normally would: First name, Middle Name, Last name. To anyone else but me, it probably looks like I'm doing the most with my signature, but I'm used to it, so it's no big deal. I have people in my life who address my by my first name, and there are others who use my middle name. When it's time for me to sign something, I just write the whole thing out. 

J clearly though I was doing the most, and after all this time together finally decided to ask why I always felt the need to sign my entire name. "Sometimes it's like you don't like your first name." He actually said those words to me. If I had a set of pearls around my neck I would've clutched them, because I couldn't believe he thought that - let alone said it. I got defensive. I love my first name! This whole site is centered around my name. It's uncommon, short, sweet and it fits me well: Disa.


Books for Africa.

June 10, 2015

On Saturday morning, we had to opportunity to volunteer with Books for Africa. It's an organization that's been around since 1988, and just as the name suggests, they send donated books to various countries in Africa.

We had set aside some time a few weeks back to help out, but by the time Saturday morning rolled around, all I wanted to do was enjoy the weather and/or have brunch somewhere. Once we finally got there and saw the warehouse, my motivation was restored and the few hours we were there really flew by!

Here's to keeping it simple (sometimes).

June 8, 2015

... Because the week just doesn't flow right unless there's a canine photo of some sort in this space. It's amazing how much owning a pet turns you into an animal-lover. I fawn all over every pet I see these days! Dolce (as pictured above), is a feisty little thing, but she's cute and apparently that was all she needed to find a loving home.

I'm off to a meeting in about 15 minutes, but before I go, I'm setting some goals for this week. Here they are:
  • Update my music library. If anyone reading this has recommendations, I'm open to artists of various genres. Please fill me in on what all the cool kids are listening to these days. 
  • Take more pictures. I've been slacking in this area lately. 
  • Find a volunteer opportunity around Atlanta for next month.

And that's it! Here's to keeping it simple (sometimes).

Happy National Doughnut Day

June 5, 2015

Finally, a made-up-just-because holiday I can get behind.

Yay for priorities.

June 4, 2015

Well hello there, June! I'm about three days late on this greeting, but the rent was on time and I've already been to the pool so yay for priorities. I've got a bunch of random thoughts to share, and what better place to spill everything.

Yesterday evening I found myself Googling "how to get through the terrible twos with a puppy" and discovered lots of other pet parents go through my current situation with Raven. Thankfully she's not chewing through furniture; I found a way to redirect that urge early on, but she's been acting like she doesn't know what her basic commands mean. On top of that, she does this thing where she runs around the living room like a maniac, and even though she's a big puppy, she's fast, and it gets hard to catch her. I'll admit, I've lost my temper a couple times and handled her more roughly than I should have, but she's been very forgiving and still kisses/licks all over me every day. There have also been a couple potty accidents, which really ticked me off. Jesus, give me patience.

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