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West Midtown Corner Tavern

I posted about this spot a couple months ago. They have bottomless mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays, the food is good and, well, that's really all we need in a good brunch spot. Between loaded nachos, fried pickles (pictured - and so flavorful you can see it), queso, french toast, a burger on a Holeman & Finch bun (still gotta get to that place), some tots (pictured) and a breakfast dish called "Silly Chicken," we ate ourselves under the table.

They serve water out of Absolut bottles, and it threw us for a loop when our waiter first refilled my glass. Our waiter, by the way, was everything we could've asked for in a server. His name was Robert, and he agreed to take the photo directly above in honor of our absent friend, Kendra. She skipped out on our brunch plans in favor of a boo-thang getaway to Savannah, and Robert felt our disappointment. The words on his make-shift bib read "Kenda getchyo ratchet ass down here now."

We got there at the beginning of the rush, and by the time we were leaving, it was crowded and much, much louder. The mimosas were clearly flowing all around the place, because laughter echoed all throughout the place and one lady received a lap dance from a very kind stranger. Also they leave a small basket of chalk in the bathrooms for everyone to write something on the wall. Makes for an interesting read while you're waiting to use the toilet/sink.

I went home right after and immediately slipped into a food coma. I'd say it was a successful brunch.


  1. Ummm you had me at tator tots! Love those little fried pieces of potato. And that photo of your waiter is hilarious! Boozey brunches are the best. They're like a one stop shop for having a good time with friends :)

    1. What is it about potatoes in tot form that make them taste so much better than any other kind??

  2. Bottomless mimosa's is awesome!! I need to find a place that does that here. I love the look of all these pics!!


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