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We should split dessert.

I've been doing a good job at controlling my cravings for sweets. My usual Starbucks order of a grande iced coffee with soymilk, sweetened with caramel, hazelnut, toffee nut or pumpkin spice [depending on my mood or the season] has turned into a tall iced coffee with soymilk - unsweetened. I've been having my green tea without honey, and I've been buying natural peanut butter that doesn't list sugar as one of the ingredients - the kind you have to stir because the oil will otherwise sit at the top. This also means I haven't had dessert, of any kind in quite a while.

Then came Sunday.

It was a normal day running errands after church, except for the adorable little Girl Scouts sitting outside the grocery store. Two boxes of Tagalongs later, I'm feeling like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. So here I am at dinner, yesterday evening, at Big Chow Grill. Do I order water with my meal like I usually do? No. Wildberry Lemonade it is. Halfway through my second bowl I asked my friend if we should split dessert, and we went on to devour this coffee ice cream brownie sundae with no shame.

So now I'll see if I can find a healthy balance with the sweets, which for me, is more difficult than it sounds. There's still another box of unopened Tagalongs sitting in my freezer, and once I break that seal...


  1. I have no control, lol. I ordered my Samoas and just had to indulge. Now, sweets is more of a weekend thing so....I don't know if a health expert would call that control or not's better than everyday right? That looks amaze. How could you pass that up?? Beats me.

    ♥ CA

    1. That's better control than I have. It's more of any every day thing for me, lol. But I'm getting better. I've even been drinking my tea without sweeteners these days!

  2. Sweets are an addiction. No matter what I try to do I just always have to have something. It sucks. I've tried all the little tricks like drinking more water and only eating a piece of dark chocolate. Nothing works. And that dessert looks soooooooo good right about now! UGH!


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