I came back to the East Coast thinking I had escaped jet lag. Reality has slapped me upside the head today, and I now realize the error of said assumption. It feels like I've missed days of sleep, but I'm really only 3 hours behind. In this morning's haste, I failed to stop at Starbucks for a few ounces of caffeine, and now, even as I type this post ('twill be a short one), the yawns keep coming. Note to self: next time take a couple days as a vacation from your vacation.

I wonder what Angela would say if I used this as an excuse to not go for a run today, even though I'm still supposed to be training for the 5K that's coming up some time this month. Nevermind... I know what she'd say: "No excuses" or something along those lines. From here on out, I'm lumping avid runners with all the morning people out there.



  1. Oh girl, take care and rest a lot! I hate when jet lag happens!

  2. Rest, i did. Feeling much better - thanks, Areeba!

  3. Now I'm jealous, these views! ah!
    Haha, get enough rest and exercise too

    Stay in touch



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