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The Story of My Life

Day 1, Monday: The story of your life in 250 words or less

This is gonna be a tough one.

I've still got plenty of life to live, but how does one sum up any part their story in only 250 words? If it's significant enough to write it down, I'd imagine 250 words isn't nearly enough. Good think I like a challenge.

Twenty-something summers ago in the wee hours of a perfect July morning, I stepped on the scene. My childhood was fairly normal, considering my family had it's issues like everyone else, and I got banged up, scraped up, blistered and bruised from fun times playing outside with friends. 
After elementary school, Moms & I made a decently major move to the somewhat great state of Georgia, and those awkward yet gratifying high school years soon came and started to fly by. Junior year, I traveled through the UK to put on a show with my school's Drama department, and this is probably when I discovered my love for the entertainment craft. A few years later I uncovered my hatred for the entertainment industry.
Before I knew it, I was working my way through the collegiate experience as an English major. I didn't get very involved with campus life, no joining clubs, no pledging greek, no organizing protests, none of that. I was too busy working full-time and ensuring I'd have no loans to repay after graduation. Mission aggressively accomplished. Getting my hands on that degree felt like Christmas, and coincidentally, my commencement ceremony took place around that time of year.
So here I am, now working my way toward a career as a full-time freelancer and spending spare time with friends, family and Jesus. There were a few romantic involvements leading up to this point, but they didn't endure the test of time, so they're not worth detailing (fail moments here). 

So there it is: my life story condensed into exactly 250 words. Frankly, it sounds kinda... boring. Drama may be tough to deal with, but it sure makes a compelling narrative, and by golly, George, it sure would take a while to narrate. I'll save that for my retirement years. That's when the best memoirs are written.


  1. looking forward to reading more about you and your onward life.


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