Hey! I'm Disa.

That’s pronounced “dye-saah,” and it means "active spirit," hence the title of this site.

I also go by my middle name: Chantel

I live in Metro Atlanta with my husband, J (and our dog, Raven). During the day, I work as content writer, and in my spare time I live a super regular life - some of which I document in this space. The Active Spirit isn't a "lifestyle" blog, it's a personal blog. The things I share here are as much for me as they are for anyone who may be reading, and I'm thankful for every single person who chooses to follow along.

My face is typically behind the camera in my posts, which are mostly about love, food, music, and life in general. This whole site is one, big about me blurb, so thanks for stopping by. Drop me a message if the mood strikes. I sincerely enjoy responding to comments and emails. Reach out and I'll definitely reach back ;)

Tech Specs:

  • Photos are taken with an iPhone, a Nikon D3100 (50mm 1.8 lens), or a Fujifilm X-T1 (35mm or 27mm pancake lens).
  • iPhone photos are mostly* edited using Snapseed, Afterlight or VSCO. 
  • Nikon & Fuji photos are edited using Lightroom or Photoscape.
  • Collages are made using Photoshop.
  • Photos that are not mine are always credited within each post.
*I've also used the apps listed in this post over the years.


If I have received a free item from a company, it will always be mentioned, and comp products are only accepted from brands on which I would spend my own money. 

... and because I couldn't've said it better myself

"There are literally thousands of blogs out there that will give you pretty pictures (increasingly taken by someone other than the blogger), beautifully formatted pages, themed Instagrams, marble backgrounds and no opinions. Zero.

In a time when more and more blogs are turning into websites, with teams of people working on them and editors and photographers on hand – and this new rising group of super (wealthy) bloggers doing hauls of bags/designer gear/unboxings, and declaring how much they love everything, we are on dangerous ground of forgetting what blogs started out as. Blogs are becoming fluff.

... I just don’t do fluff." - Caroline Hirons

... and, and, please also note

I strongly believe in the Oxford comma.


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