Summer 2020 was a blur.

Thankfully, I captured some special moments on film. 

The camera I used was a birthday gift, and (again), I'm still figuring out how the focusing works. These shots are all over the place: blurry, light leaks, fuzzy, underexposed, etc. But it feels like the perfect representation of how my 2020 went. 


  1. love these so much, especially the light leaks! I miss taking pictures with my film camera :')

  2. Oooh what film camera did you get? Not quite brave enough to venture into the film scene but I do so appreciate the "no take backs on however the image comes out post development'.

    1. it's the olympus trip 35, and then i randomly just purchased a ricoh af-2 from eBay which i'm also loving. everything is automatic. auto focus, auto exposure, auto film winding, all i do is snap and go. i'm having so much fun, but i feel myself going down the camera rabbit hole now. halp. 🐇


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